Comprehensive Plans and Plan Updates

A comprehensive plan guides the future development and growth of a community over a long-term horizon on the physical, social, economic and environmental development. In Florida, all 67 counties and 410 municipalities are required to adopt local comprehensive plans pursuant to Chapter 163, Part II of the Florida Statutes, and plan updates are required every seven (7) years. A key component of the Act is its “concurrency” provision that requires facilities and services to be available concurrent with the impacts of development.

Evaluation and Appraisal Reports (EARs)

An Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) is a document that must be adopted by each local government in the State of Florida every seven (7) years pursuant to Section 163.3191, Florida Statutes. The document assesses the progress in implementing the local government’s comprehensive plan.

Land Development Regulations

Land development regulations set forth the rules, regulations and procedures for the development of land, subdivisions and administrative and enforcement procedures to promote the health, safety and welfare of a community. Pursuant to Section 163.3202, Florida Statures, local governments are required to adopt or amend or enforce land development regulations that are consistent and implement their comprehensive plan.

Mobility Studies and Plans

Mobility studies are conducted for major transportation systems in urban areas. Mobility studies and plans are significant in defining transportation solutions to the impacts that affect the flow of mobility.

Urban Design and Design Guidelines

Urban design encompasses the arrangement, appearance and functionality of public spaces in urban areas. Design guidelines establish this framework for the arrangement of space in the promotion of the physical, environmental and social components of a community.

Annexation Process and Studies

Annexation studies provide a methodical approach to the expansion of a municipality’s boundary into adjacent unincorporated areas by assessing the physical and fiscal impacts of adjacent areas to the costs and benefits of incorporation into the municipality.

Zoning Administration and Code Compliance

Zoning administration and code compliance service provides technical advisory assistance to the general public, land development professionals, government agencies, and others regarding land development regulations, site planning principles and administrative interpretations. The service includes: plan review, architectural review, permitting and certificates of occupancy and code enforcement to ensure public safety and sound planning and development by verifying proper construction of and zoning requirements for structures.

Redevelopment and Economic Development Plans and Programs

Redevelopment and economic development programs and plans establish goals and objectives to promote and facilitate sustainable growth, and enhance the economic vitality of an area. Programs and plans are developed in association with businesses and community members, and the community redevelopment agency of a designated redevelopment area. Redevelopment and economic development plans are also useful in identifying tools and resources available to implement a redevelopment and/or economic program.

Design Charrettes and Visioning Programs

Design charrettes and visioning programs involve collaborative sessions with professionals and the public to identifying a range of potential solution to community issues, and sets goals and initiatives over a long-term horizon. Charrettes and visioning programs are useful tools in developing community consensus through public participation.

Housing Studies and Programs

Housing studies and programs include the assessment of affordable housing, workforce housing and/or real estate market conditions. Studies are conducted to determine best practices and guidelines to implement housing needs. Housing programs and policies can be development to implement such needs.

Development Review

All development projects are required by law to obtain a permit and other approvals from local governments before construction can proceed. The development review process encompasses a variety of requisites from site analysis and assessments, site design, to compliance with zoning regulations for proper development.