Work Products

City of Palm Beach Gardens

  • EAR-Based Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Comprehensive Annexation Study
  • 10-Year Water Supply Plan and Related Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Charrette
  • Affordable Housing Analysis
  • Senate Bill 360: Analysis and Recommendation Strategy

Palm Beach County

  • Western Northlake Boulevard Land Use Study
  • Callery Judge Project
  • CDBG Program and Affordable Housing Analysis

City of Deerfield Beach CRA

  • Cove Shopping Center Revitalization – Charrette and Master Plan

City of Lake Worth

  • Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)

City of North Bay Village

  • Master Plan Charrette
  • Development Review

City of Oakland Park

  • Garden Acres Master Plan Charrette
  • Lakeside Estates Master Plan Charrette

City of Homestead

  • Northwest Neighborhood Redevelopment Master Plan

Additional Studies

  • Workforce/Affordable Housing – HB1363 and Its Impact on Local Governments
  • Feasibility Study and Highway Design in Western Region, Iowa
  • Environmental Impact Study of International Corridors in South America
  • District Wide Facility Assessment and Master Plan for the Fairfield School District, Iowa
  • United Nation Development Program: Economic Development Program for Bordering Region Between Paraguay and Argentina
  • Environmental Impact Study for Gas Depot Construction, Shell Paraguay