I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
and comment your work in providing staff with a
positive experience with the EOCC Planning
Workshop on October 22, 2008.
The detail of your research, preparation,
presentation and the time you invested did not go
unnoticed. I appreciate and commend your
initiative to improve staff awareness on the
importance of emergency operations throughout
our community as well as your concern for the
proper planning and input on this very important
Nilsa, your professionalism, initiative and concern
for the welfare of others is just not found in
community service today. You are a true asset not
only to our organization, but the community as
well. Again, I thank you for your dedication and
commitment that helps set us apart from the rest of
the cities in the State.
Peter T. Bergel
Fire Chief


I met Ms. Nilsa Zacarias while working on the
resent ARCOM approval of a multi-million dollar
private residence in the Town of Manalapan. Ms.
Zacarias was the town’s representative responsible
for ARCOM submittals. Being new to the town’s
process, we looked to Ms. Zacarias in assisting us to
meet all of the criteria required for a submittal and
successful outcome. She was extremely helpful, and
assisted my firm with outstanding care in a
professional manner.
It so happened that the mayor was present at our
ARCOM presentation and commented that it was
the most professional, and quality work he had
seen. I believe that Ms. Zacarias was instrumental
with the unanimous approval we received as well as
the kind words spoken by the mayor.
It is a pleasure working with Ms. Zacarias; all of us
here at YRA Design Inc. wish her continued success.
We look forward to working with Ms. Zacarias in
the near future, she gives public service the respect
it once deserved through her professional,
outstanding and caring service. I highly encourage
and support her continued service to the citizens
and Town of Manalapan.
Dennis Rainho, President
Senior Project Manager
YRA Design, Inc.


Please allow this letter to serve as my professional
recommendation for Nilsa Zacarias, Principal of NZ
Consultants, Inc. Mrs. Zacarias was contracted by
the Town of Manalapan to serve as the Zoning
Mrs. Zacarias was in charge of overseeing the
building permitting process from initial
informational meetings with applicants to
reviewing proposed site and building plans for
compliance with Town’s Code. Part of this process
included critical coordination with owners,
builders, architects and landscape architects to
ensure the final plan will comply with Code
regulations. She also conducted final inspections
regarding site and landscaping plans prior to issue
a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).
Mrs. Zacarias has demonstrated her leadership,
knowledge and people skills on solving challenging
and conflicting local government matters related to
Code compliance.
As a Zoning Administrator, Mrs. Zacarias
performed special planning projects such as the A1-
A Aesthetic Initiative and the Streetscape Plan for
the Point. In each occasion, she prepared highly
professional presentations and communicated
effectively the proposed urban projects. She was
also in charge of preparing the required package
for the Community Rating System (CRS) annual
During her contract I worked closely with Nilsa and
she consistently demonstrated her professionalism
and understanding of local government and urban
planning matters.
Mrs. Linda Stumpf
Town Manger of Manalapan, Florida

On February 3, 2010, the Village of Wellington’s
Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board granted to
Horses Forever LLC, a variance establishing a rear
setback of 44′ 8″ instead of 100′. Ms. Zacarias’s indepth
zoning code knowledge, public speaking
capability and detail oriented analysis, made
possible this critical variance.
Her ability to effectively communicate with Village
staff, Board members, attorneys, and ourselves
through this challenging process speaks to Ms.
Zacarias’s commitment to her client, and providing
highly professional planning services.
I would like to recommend Ms. Nilsa Zacarias,
AICP, for permitting and development applications.
She is a highly responsible and committed
professional that provides excellent customer
Mr. Frank Lazzara
Manager of Horses Forever LLC in Wellington, Florida